11 Canadian tech companies to watch in 2021

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Every January for the past fewer years, acknowledgment to the squad astatine BetaKit, I’ve had the accidental to stock my thoughts connected immoderate of the companies I’m excited astir successful the Canadian exertion and startup landscape. As always, it’s incredibly hard to bounds the database to conscionable eleven companies, truthful dainty this arsenic much of a illustration alternatively than an exhaustive database of large companies to support an oculus connected this year.

The database is specifically, but not exclusively, focused connected the regions astir Vancouver, Montréal, and Toronto (BetaKit has forthcoming articles for startups to ticker successful the Prairies and Atlantic Canada).

If you privation to spot however companies from past year’s database fared implicit the people of 2020, you tin cheque retired my recent update article.



Craver Solutions

Website www.craverapp.com
Headquarters Vancouver, BC
Year founded 2018
Key People
  • Amin Yazdani Salekdeh, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Shabnam Ahmadi, Co-Founder & CMO
  • Experienced grounds maturation successful 2020

Craver provides restaurants with a customized mobile ordering app. Through an affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, autarkic restaurants are capable to vie with overmuch larger chains’ integer acquisition for repast ordering and delivery. Given the ongoing pandemic’s interaction connected the edifice industry, Craver offers a much-needed solution to galore autarkic restaurants and cafes.



Website bluedot.global
Headquarters Toronto, ON
Year founded 2013
Key People
  • Kamran Khan, Founder & CEO
  • Lindsay Bryson, COO
  • Amongst the archetypal organizations successful the satellite to place dispersed of COVID-19
  • Signed deal with the Canadian authorities to assistance way the dispersed of COVID-19
  • Named a apical Canadian startup to enactment for successful 2020 by LinkedIn

BlueDot uses artificial and quality quality to way the dispersed and interaction of much than 150 infectious diseases globally. The institution was 1 of the archetypal successful the satellite to place the dispersed of COVID-19. The startup’s tracking level picked up a clump of cases astir Wuhan, China connected December 30, 9 days earlier the World Health Organization released its connection alerting radical to the emergence of COVID-19. Given the expanding absorption connected existent and imaginable aboriginal pandemics, BlueDot is astatine the centre of an important and increasing space.


Ollie Order

Website www.ollieorder.com
Headquarters Vancouver, BC
Year founded 2019
Key People
  • Ryan Wilson, Co-founder & CEO
  • Mike Macquisten, Co-founder
  • Jesse Bannister, Co-Founder
  • Karl Campbell, Co-Founder
  • Closed effect financing (undisclosed size) successful 2020

Ollie Order is simply a multichannel income bundle for the liquor industry. The institution empowers breweries, wineries, liquor stores, bars, pubs and restaurants to amended negociate customers, orders, inventory, payments, accounting and authorities reporting successful a elemental azygous mobile and web-enabled tool. The past twelvemonth has seen a melodramatic acceleration successful the digitization of the nutrient services industry, and the liquor manufacture is nary alien to the trend. Ollie Order should beryllium successful a large presumption to capitalize connected expanding digitization and modernization successful the intoxicant industry.



Website www.clutch.ca
Headquarters Toronto, ON
Year founded 2016
Key People
  • Dan Park, CEO
  • Stephen Seibel, Founder & COO
  • Raised $7 cardinal effect round successful 2020
  • Expanded beingness beyond Halifax and began operating successful Toronto successful 2020, aft receiving regulatory approval

The squad astatine Clutch is reinventing the mode radical bargain cars by ensuring spot and transparency are cardinal to the experience. With elaborate online galleries and nary unit income tactics, the institution hopes to make a caller benignant of car dealership. While e-commerce has fundamentally transformed galore consumer-facing industries, the car buying acquisition remains comparatively unaffected by integer transformation. Here’s hoping Clutch manages to ace the code!



Website www.showbie.com
Headquarters Calgary, AB
Year founded 2012
Key People
  • Colin Bramm, Co-founder & CEO
  • Roy Pombeiro, Co-founder & CTO
  • Raised $5 cardinal Series A successful 2020
  • Acquired Salt Lake City-based Socrative in 2018

As an emerging person successful the EdTech sector, Showbie combines each of the indispensable tools for assignments, feedback, and connection successful 1 easy-to-use integer platform. With galore students, teachers and families progressively reliant connected integer tools for distant learning, Showbie is well-positioned to work the increasing integer learning industry.



Website symend.com
Headquarters Calgary, AB
Year founded 2016
Key People
  • Hanif Joshaghani, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Tiffany Kaminsky, Co-Founder & CMO
  • Raised $73 cardinal Series B successful 2020
  • Named a apical Canadian startup to enactment for successful 2020 by LinkedIn

Symend is connected a ngo to alteration the engagement and collections acquisition for financially at-risk customers. By utilizing behavioural science, artificial intelligence, and instrumentality learning, the startup has developed a unsocial engagement level to amended engage, treat, and clasp customers, having already treated an estimated 100 cardinal customers to date. The ongoing planetary economical situation has shone a airy connected the request for much empathetic and effectual collections tactics specified arsenic Symend’s offering, which should bode good for the institution successful the coming years.


Elastic Garage

Website www.elasticgarage.com
Headquarters Vancouver, BC
Year founded 2020
Key People
  • Chris Payne, Founder & CEO
  • Launched services successful the Vancouver country successful 2020

Elastic Garage is re-thinking however consumers ain and usage location and outdoor gear. The institution offers on-demand rentals of the things you would privation to person successful your imagination garage, without having to incur the exorbitant outgo of buying, maintaining and storing everything. The institution launched past year, and is looking to grow its rental work to see further products, arsenic good arsenic statesman servicing further cities implicit time.



Website www.synctera.com
Headquarters San Francisco, CA & Toronto, ON
Year founded 2020
Key People
  • Peter Hazlehurst, Co-founder & CEO
  • Kris Hansen, Co-founder & CTO
  • Peter Hazlehurst, Co-founder & CPO
  • Raised $15.8 cardinal CAD effect financing successful 2020
  • Founders see the erstwhile caput of Uber Money, and erstwhile CTO of Portag3 and Canadian challenger slope Koho

Synctera is closing the spread betwixt assemblage banks and FinTechs by providing a seamless integration furniture that takes attraction of each of the complexity related to specified partnerships. With integer adoption successful fiscal services continuing astatine unprecedented rates, solutions similar Synctera should beryllium invaluable successful combining incumbents and Fintech startups to present greater worth to consumers.


Synex Medical

Website www.synexmedical.com
Headquarters Toronto, ON
Year founded 2017
Key People
  • Ben Nashman, Founder & CEO
  • Raised $6.99 cardinal CAD effect round successful 2020
  • Expanded to US with Boston office

Synex Medical sells a wearable instrumentality that tells users however their assemblage is performing by measuring metabolites that impact everything from value summation to diversion performance, to the likelihood of processing diabetes successful real-time. While health-focused wearables are surely not a caller segment, advances successful exertion combined with changes successful user attitudes towards idiosyncratic wellness absorption person fixed emergence to a caller roar successful solutions that assistance show individuals’ wellness connected a proactive basis, specified arsenic Synex’s devices.



Website lifespeak.com
Headquarters Toronto, ON
Year founded 2004
Key People
  • Michael Held, Founder & CEO
  • Raised $42 million equity financing round

LifeSpeak’s wellness level helps employers support their employees present, steadfast and thriving. Employees tin easy entree the enactment they request to flooded life’s unexpected hurdles, keeping their minds and bodies productive astatine work. With the fig of employees moving remotely having ballooned implicit the past twelvemonth arsenic a effect of the ongoing pandemic, LifeSpeak’s services are successful much request than ever before. If accrued distant moving levels proceed arsenic wide expected, the institution is excellently positioned to capitalize connected the inclination done its ever-expanding services.


Lufa Farms

Website www.lufa.com
Headquarters Montréal, QC
Year founded 2010
Key People
  • Mohamed Hage, Co-founder & CEO
  • Lauren Rathmell, Co-founder & Greenhouse Director
  • Doubled accumulation capableness with the motorboat of 4th and world’s largest rooftop farm
  • Listed arsenic top ten online Canadian retailer for 2020 arsenic portion of a shoppers survey by marketplace probe and analytics institution Lege

Lufa Farms is bringing sustainable nutrient practices to municipality environments done their rooftop greenhouses located successful adjacent proximity to their customers, minimizing emissions related to transportation. The institution besides partners with hundreds of section farmers and nutrient makers to make a benignant of online farmer’s market, affluent successful precocious prime and sustainably grown food. With expanding societal absorption connected clime alteration and increasing user request for online nutrient delivery, Lufa’s innovative offering is much compelling than ever.

There you person it. Eleven large startup and exertion companies from crossed Canada worthy keeping an oculus connected implicit the adjacent twelvemonth (and hopefully overmuch longer). I cognize I’ll beryllium watching closely, and cheering them connected each accidental I get.


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Have a antithetic Canadian tech institution you deliberation is 1 to ticker successful 2021? Post your proposition successful the remark conception below!

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