Africa Climate Tech: Innovators, investors and leaders unite

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Kenya’s superior metropolis is poised to this week big an invite-only, game-changing lawsuit that volition enactment the spotlight squarely connected the innovators, investors, and ecosystem builders driving clime enactment successful Africa. The Africa Climate Tech Festival, co-hosted by AfricArena and the Catalyst Fund, is acceptable to instrumentality spot connected Thursday, 7 September, and promises to reshape the continent’s attack to clime change.

Far much than conscionable different conference, this festival represents a clarion telephone for action, a convergence of superb minds, and a testament to the indispensable relation of start-ups and exertion successful fortifying Africa’s resilience against the impacts of clime change.

In a portion accustomed to confronting challenges with ingenuity, the festival stands arsenic a beacon of hope, bringing unneurotic African start-up innovators and visionary investors for a time of transformative discussions, dynamic workshops, and collaborative momentum-building.

Pioneering clime innovation: Start-ups starring the way

In a continent wherever the imperatives of clime adaptation and resilience person go progressively urgent, start-ups person emerged arsenic the unsung heroes of the narrative. These agile and forward-thinking entities are upending accepted paradigms, propelling alteration astatine an unprecedented pace.

The Africa Climate Tech Festival serves arsenic the epicentre wherever these start-ups stitchery to unveil ground-breaking solutions, transportation visionary ideas, and catalyse corporate progress.

Leaders successful clime action

Diving into the bosom of Africa’s clime enactment leadership, the Africa Climate Tech Festival brings distant a formidable line-up of influential figures who are driving innovation, investing successful change, and shaping the people of clime enactment connected the continent.

  • With a wealthiness of acquisition arsenic the UNFCCC Climate Champions’ Special Advisor and Africa director, Bogolo Joy Kenewendo embodies a heavy knowing of trade, investment, and concern improvement dynamics wrong the discourse of clime change.
  • As the laminitis of Africa Climate Ventures, James Mwangi stands arsenic a guiding unit successful the pursuit of clime resilience and innovation crossed the African landscape.
  • Anne-Marie Chidzero, main concern serviceman astatine FSD Africa Investments, plays a pivotal relation successful channelling investments toward sustainable clime solutions.
  • The Mastercard Foundation’s clime enactment lead, Chirag Shamdasani, contributes a wealthiness of cognition and resources towards advancing clime initiatives crossed the continent.

Innovators pioneering change

  • Nneile Nkholise, the visionary CEO of Thola, is astatine the forefront of sustainable agriculture proviso concatenation innovation, skillfully merging exertion and climate-consciousness.
  • Eli Pollak, laminitis and CEO of Apollo Agriculture, is starring the complaint successful revolutionizing agriculture done technology, bolstering Africa’s clime resilience.
  • As the laminitis and CEO of Kubik, Kidus Asfaw is driving innovation successful clime solutions, contributing to a much sustainable future.

Investors fuelling progress

  • Muthoni Wachira, advisor astatine Katapult Africa, a cardinal capitalist successful clime tech ventures, playing an instrumental relation successful propelling impactful clime solutions forward.
  • Karen Waithaka, main concern serviceman astatine the Catalyst Fund, channels resources and expertise into nurturing early-stage clime tech start-ups, fostering innovation.
  • Shruti Chandrasekhar, the caput of backstage equity investments successful Africa astatine the International Finance Corporation, is simply a captious subordinate successful catalysing investments that empower Africa’s clime resilience journey.

Together, these leaders, innovators, and investors signifier a almighty unit astatine the Africa Climate Tech Festival, driving the continent toward a much sustainable, resilient, and climate-conscious future. This exclusive lawsuit spotlights their corporate dedication and committedness to making a lasting interaction connected the combat against clime alteration successful Africa.

The dynamic collaboration betwixt AfricArena and the Catalyst Fund exemplifies the powerfulness of partnerships successful fostering sustainable change. The Catalyst Fund, present a $40 cardinal pre-seed task superior money and accelerator, champions clime tech that builds resilience crossed the African continent. Launched successful 2015 by BFA Global arsenic a planetary accelerator, the Catalyst Fund has been a steadfast unit propelling early-stage inclusive fintech start-ups into the spotlight of fiscal innovation.

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