Africa Money & DeFi Summit unveils 9 pioneering ventures

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The Africa Money and DeFi Summit – a premier lawsuit successful the satellite of fiscal technology, blockchain, and decentralised concern (DeFi) – has announced 9 standout ventures selected to contiguous their Web3, blockchain, fintech, and DeFi innovations to investors and manufacture leaders. This unrecorded showcase volition instrumentality spot successful Accra, Ghana, connected Tuesday, 3 and Thursday, 4 October 2023.

The summit, focused connected fostering connections and bridging the disagreement betwixt African ventures, corporations, and planetary investors, attracted applicants from crossed the continent, including Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, and Côte d’Ivoire.

The ventures that person secured their spots successful the limelight are arsenic follows:

  • Hurupay, Ghana: Hurupay is simply a stablecoin outgo level designed to empower African businesses to judge stablecoin payments. This inaugural aims to mitigate concerns related to currency depreciation and precocious transaction costs.
  • Save App, Kenya: Save App is changing the savings habits of African consumers. Through its Ukonga micro-savings platform, users tin effortlessly prevention spare alteration for aboriginal use, promoting fiscal stability.
  • Coinazer, Nigeria: Coinazer is astatine the forefront of blockchain solutions. The Web3 crypto level offers a unafraid situation for users to buy, sell, and store assorted cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
  • PAL, Cote d’Ivoire: PAL is simply a integer banking level and liquidity supplier acting arsenic a gateway for remittance and outgo companies looking to innovate cost-effectively successful the Francophone African market.
  • Safi Protocol, Kenya: Safi Protocol is simply a Web3 start-up harnessing DeFi to bolster clime resilience. With a absorption connected closing the $1 cardinal backing spread successful the Renewable Energy Sector successful Africa and Southeast Asia, Safi Protocol aims to tokenize real-world cleanable vigor projects.
  • VerifiBuy, Ghana: VerifiBuy is an e-commerce level dedicated to enhancing spot betwixt online buyers and sellers, contributing to a unafraid online marketplace.
  • BluPay, Ghana: BluPay offers a integer outgo solution level enabling businesses and merchants to instantly person MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) and paper payments from customers straight into their slope accounts.
  • One Chain Africa, Nigeria: One Chain Africa is tackling the challenges hindering blockchain adoption and innovation successful Africa. Their blockchain solution aims to make a much inclusive and accessible ecosystem, alteration stablecoin deployment per country, integrate on-chain KYC infrastructure, and foster blockchain maturation and innovation crossed the continent.
  • PayBox, Ghana: PayBox is driving innovation successful cross-border payments and money transfers crossed implicit 23 African countries, catering to tiny and mean enterprises and millennials.

Supported by manufacture leaders similar Amazon Web Services, HBAR, EMTECH, and others, the Africa Money and DeFi Summit volition service arsenic a nexus for African fintech and crypto pioneers to prosecute with planetary players. Those funny successful attending the acme tin unafraid their passes here.

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