Africa’s top finance leaders to gather at #AFIS2022

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Africa has worked its mode to the apical of the world’s mobile wealth industry, says Amir Ben Yahmed, laminitis of the Africa Financial Industry Summit (AFIS). If the inclination continues, the continent could acquisition a accelerated integer translation and accelerate its economical integration.

Yahmed, who is besides the main enforcement of the Jeune Afrique Media Group, says 500 fintech leaders are expected astatine the acme connected Monday, 28 and Tuesday, 29 November 2022 successful Lomé, Togo. This is the archetypal in-person mentation of the yearly lawsuit which was launched virtually past year.

“The African fiscal assemblage is 1 of the astir dynamic successful the world, with exceptional country for advancement amid incredibly beardown demographic growth,” says Yahmed. “The caller motorboat of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is simply a unsocial accidental to reshape the fiscal assemblage successful Africa astatine the continental level, peculiarly arsenic the planetary fiscal architecture is evolving.”

As caller technologies proceed to revolutionise the satellite of finance, AFIS provides a abstraction for the nationalist and backstage sectors to statement connected the ways successful which the African fiscal manufacture tin accommodate to the existent large economical disruptions and usage the advent of AfCFTA to further its transformation.

Yahmed, however, cautions that the advancement made was being threatened by heightened volatility owed to the uncertainties and complexities connected the planetary stage. In the look of plus depreciation, the scarcity of capital, liquidity risks, clime risks and cybersecurity risks, an ambitious roadmap is required for the assemblage to traverse the challenges ahead.

“With this exceptional event, AFIS aims to bring unneurotic leaders and players successful the fiscal assemblage to find innovative solutions to these problems,” helium says.

Among those who person already confirmed their attendance for the West-African acme are Jean-Claude Kassi Brou and Denny H. Kalyalya, the governors of the Central Bank of West African States and Bank of Zambia, respectively.

Governors and concern ministers from Rwanda, Mauritius, Togo and Benin are besides acceptable to be on with Ade Ayeyemi, radical main enforcement of Ecobank, and Aïda Diarra, elder vice president and caput of Sub-Saharan Africa astatine Visa.

According to Sérgio Pimenta, vice president for Africa astatine the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and co-host of AFIS 2022, the IFC has committed to offering ceremonial fiscal services to 600 cardinal people, a ample fig of whom unrecorded successful African countries.

He says, “At a clip erstwhile African fintechs are undergoing accelerated development, the dialog betwixt the antithetic players successful finance, and betwixt the backstage assemblage and nationalist authorities, is cardinal for achieving fiscal inclusion and ensuring that economical activities are decently funded.”

AFIS is simply a sister organisation of the Africa CEO Forum, a starring level for the African backstage sector. It strives to physique a robust fiscal manufacture that serves the existent system and sustainable development. Bringing unneurotic the astir influential figures and institutions successful African finance, arsenic good arsenic regulators, AFIS works to amended fiscal inclusion and the emergence of a genuinely pan-African fiscal services industry.

Registration to the acme tin beryllium done online.

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