AfricArena & EDF to supercharge Africa’s energy ecosystem

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AfricArena, Africa’s premier tech accelerator, and Électricité de France (EDF), 1 of the world’s starring inferior companies, person announced a strategical concern that volition reshape the scenery of tech innovation successful the continent’s vigor sector.

The announcement was made astatine the threshold of the AfricArena Nairobi Summit, which is acceptable to commence connected Wednesday, 6 September 2023, and promises to beryllium a convergence constituent for tech, investment, task capital, and ineligible experts. This breathtaking concern is further acceptable to radiance a spotlight connected Africa’s tech ecosystem, and, successful particular, its imaginable to tackle planetary vigor challenges.

EDF, done its EDF Pulse Africa programme, volition co-host the AfricArise Energy Open Innovation Programme astatine the Nairobi Summit.

This collaboration signifies the alignment of values, ideas, and imaginativeness betwixt AfricArena and EDF, some committed to nurturing tech innovation successful Africa’s vigor sector.

Christophe Viarnaurd, CEO of AfricArena, expressed his enthusiasm astir the partnership, stating, “This caller firm concern with 1 of the apical 3 inferior companies successful the world, progressive successful galore African countries, is cardinal to unlocking Africa’s innovative clime tech solutions for planetary challenges wrong the continent’s fast-growing tech ecosystem. We look guardant to moving intimately with EDF to alteration marketplace entree opportunities for African tech entrepreneurs.”

The concern comes astatine a pivotal infinitesimal erstwhile Africa is progressively becoming a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, peculiarly successful the vigor sector. EDF’s engagement is expected to catalyse the improvement of innovative solutions, thrust sustainability, and accelerate entree to cleanable vigor crossed the continent.

The AfricArena Nairobi Summit is acceptable to diagnostic an array of influential speakers from assorted sectors, including tech, investment, task capital, and more. Among the notable speakers are Benjamin Rombaut, co-founder astatine Sand to Green; Nadia Seemuth, managing spouse astatine Jambaar Capital; and Matsi Modise, CEO and laminitis astatine Furaha Afrika Holdings, among others. Their insights volition supply invaluable perspectives connected the dynamic events taking spot successful East Africa’s concern landscape.

As the countdown to the acme continues, anticipation is building, and participants are anxious to prosecute with the latest trends and innovations successful the Africa. Last-minute tickets to the Nairobi Summit tickets tin beryllium bought online.

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