Alameda office building shopping spree widens in tech hub

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ALAMEDA  — A buying spree for bureau buildings successful the tech and biotech blistery spot of Alameda has widened with the acquisition of different spot connected the land metropolis by a Bay Area developer.

With the latest deal, Paceline Investors has present spent $69.3 cardinal implicit the past fewer days for 3 bureau buildings successful Alameda, focusing connected an country whose tenants are chiefly precocious exertion and beingness sciences firms.

The buildings are each located successful Alameda’s Harbor Bay district, an country dotted with an array of companies with cutting-edge products and services.

Real property firms person undertaken spot purchases oregon launched improvement efforts that bespeak they judge the Bay Area system volition beryllium fueled by the enlargement of tech, biotech, and precocious manufacturing companies.

These are the Alameda properties that Paceline Investors has bought and the prices for each transaction, according to Alameda County documents:

— $31.75 cardinal for 1420 Harbor Bay Parkway, a gathering totaling 121,600 quadrate feet. Abbott Diabetes Care is simply a tenant successful the building.

— 30.1 cardinal for 1451 Harbor Bay Parkway, a gathering that totals 86,100 quadrate feet. Kaiser Permanente Alameda has an bureau there.

— $7.4 cardinal for 1350 S. Loop Road, a gathering totaling 38,900 quadrate feet. TRIC Tools, a tube repair and instrumentality maker, is simply a tenant.

“Paceline Investors focuses connected infill Bay Area existent property wherever worth tin beryllium created actively successful some the abbreviated and/or the long-term,” the existent property steadfast stated connected its website.

Another high-profile existent property capitalist grabbed respective Alameda buildings successful the vicinity astir a period ago.

on May 26, Texas-based Invesco Real Estate paid $102.1 cardinal for six properties successful Alameda successful the aforesaid country arsenic the sites that Paceline Investors purchased.