Amber Raises $8.5M Series B For ‘Second Electrical Revolution’ 

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Amber Solutions, a startup looking to commercialize integer power of electricity, raised $8.5 cardinal successful a Series B round.

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Building fixtures similar fume detectors and circuit breakers presently usage electro-mechanical technologies. Amber, which is based successful Dublin, California, is aiming to regenerate electromechanical switching with solid-state electronics connected a way to silicon.

The institution says its programmable solid-state powerfulness strategy tin power the travel of energy digitally. So, for example, if the lights spell retired successful a building, the strategy tin pass that.

“With our technology, earlier you tin adjacent find your telephone to telephone maintenance, attraction already received a signal,” CEO Thar Casey said successful an interrogation with Crunchbase News. “They cognize what caused it and they person wireless connectivity truthful they’ve solved it already.”

In different words, each outlet tin enactment similar a circuit breaker and, with the embedded quality software, it’s similar it has a mini-computer inside. Amber’s technology’s sensor consciousness tin marque buildings safer, according to the company, by detecting dangers similar occurrence and state leaks, and tin beryllium utilized successful some residential and commercialized properties. 

“What we came up with astatine Amber is the 2nd electrical revolution,” Casey said. “We came up with disruptive technologies that are going to beryllium halfway of each electrical infrastructure of each building. We’re taking the electromechanical switching … and we’re replacing it with solid-state.”

The company, which is pre-revenue, volition usage the backing to prosecute much engineers, put successful the company’s caller Roseville, California, office, prosecute with much manufacturing companies, and volition let Amber to commencement processing its silicon to crook its exertion into a chip.

The Series B brings Amber’s full backing to astir $14 million, with investors including household offices. The institution archetypal raised a $5.7 cardinal Series A successful May 2018. Companies successful the existent property abstraction wide received much than $8.5 cardinal successful backing past year, according to Crunchbase data.

The adjacent circular of backing volition apt beryllium a firm circular with strategical partners, Casey said. 

Illustration: Dom Guzman

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