Baidu gets California nod for testing driverless vehicles on Sunnyvale streets

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By Jane Lanhee Lee,  Munsif Vengattil | Reuters

OAKLAND – Baidu Inc has received a licence from the authorities of California to trial self-driving cars without a operator down the wheel, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles said connected Wednesday.

Although self-driving vehicles are designed to destruct the request for a driver, astir investigating frankincense acold has been with a information operator down the instrumentality who tin instrumentality implicit successful lawsuit of emergency. Currently, 58 companies person permits successful California to trial self-driving cars with specified a backup driver, including astir large automakers and Apple Inc.

Baidu is the sixth institution to person a licence to trial without a operator down the wheel. The licence allows it to trial 3 autonomous vehicles connected specified streets wrong Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County.

According to Baidu, it volition beryllium utilizing 2 antithetic models of cars for investigating its self-driving system, the Lincoln MKZ sedan and the Chrysler Pacifica van.

The Chinese hunt motor person has 500 self-driving cars investigating mostly successful China and immoderate successful the United States with information drivers.

It has not said erstwhile it volition commencement investigating without a operator successful California.

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Baidu said it already has been investigating cars connected nationalist streets of the metropolis of Changsha, Hunan Province, without a operator down the wheel, and has received a licence to trial bare self-driving cars successful the Chinese superior of Beijing.

It besides runs a robotaxi work unfastened to the nationalist successful Changsha, Beijing, and the metropolis of Cangzhou successful the bluish Hebei Province, but with a information operator down the wheel.


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