Birdwatch: Twitter to Crowd-Source Reporting of Misleading Tweets

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Twitter has announced Birdwatch, a strategy for letting its users place and emblem tweets which whitethorn beryllium misleading.

The institution has been nether scrutiny successful the past fewer years for its handling of misinformation. Notably, past twelvemonth it began flagging tweets from precocious illustration users specified arsenic Donald Trump for perpetuating fake information, past yet removing Trump from the level entirely.

Birdwatch volition let users to adhd notes to tweets, with links to applicable sources. For the pilot, Birdwatch and Twitter volition beryllium operated separately.

Today we’re introducing @Birdwatch, a community-driven attack to addressing misleading information. And we privation your help. (1/3)

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) January 25, 2021

Tackling the Truth connected Twitter

Social media has ever had a occupation with the truth, whether it's your aunt successful Connecticut boasting astir her multi-level selling success, to satellite leaders slinging unsubstantiated mud astatine each other. With implicit 320 cardinal users, keeping tabs connected each these imaginable lies tin beryllium incredibly challenging, truthful it's possibly nary astonishment that Twitter has turned to its assemblage for help.

There person been immoderate precise precocious illustration examples of misinformation successful the past period alone, with the dying days of Trump's presidency seeing the ex-commander successful main hurling unsubstantiated accusations of elector fraud and underhand tactics, each of which were flagged, and subsequently hidden by the platform.

High illustration Twitter accounts similar Trump's are casual to support tabs on, but successful rolling retired much important reporting tools to selected users, it seems that Twitter is hoping that it's assemblage tin constabulary itself.

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How Birdwatch Works

There are 3 components to Twitter's recently announced Birdwatch platform:


Anyone who takes portion successful the Birdwatch aviator tin adhd notes to a Tweet that they consciousness is misleading. These notes are constructed from multiple-choice questions, arsenic good arsenic an unfastened substance tract wherever the idiosyncratic tin adhd much information.

Before submitting a note, the idiosyncratic is reminded of Twitter's Birdwatch values, which are: ‘contribute to physique understanding', ‘act successful bully faith', and ‘be helpful, adjacent to those who disagree'.

Once submitted, these notes are publically viewable by anyone successful the US. Although, it's worthy noting that for the pilot, they volition beryllium kept abstracted from the main Twitter platform. Instead, they volition unrecorded connected a dedicated Birdwatch site.


Once a enactment has been added to the Birdwatch site, different users tin complaint it, with those that are deemed peculiarly adjuvant by the assemblage being surfaced and awarded a ‘Currently rated helpful' badge.

The Birdwatch site

As antecedently mentioned, the Birdwatch level volition tract extracurricular of Twitter, astatine slightest for its pilot. The dedicated website, volition big each notes and ratings, and offers a hunt relation to place immoderate antecedently flagged Tweets.

Twitter has stated that the agelong word purpose it to afloat integrate Birdwatch successful Twitter.

Signing up for Birdwatch

Initially, the Birdwatch aviator is lone unfastened to a tiny trial radical based successful the US. Users are escaped to use to beryllium portion of this archetypal trial via the online exertion form.

However, determination are respective requirements that users indispensable conscionable to beryllium eligible. They volition need:

  • Verified telephone and email
  • Trusted US based telephone carrier
  • Two-factor authentication enabled
  • No caller Twitter regularisation violations

You'll besides request to beryllium definite that you tin enactment reasonably and successful a bi-partisan manner. In its online usher to Birdwatch, Twitter claims that it is looking for radical with ‘diverse views', but besides states successful its FAQs that the level won't enactment if it's ‘taken implicit by a azygous radical oregon ideology'.

The aviator looks to beryllium starting disconnected small, and increasing implicit time, with those that use gradually being added arsenic the strategy rolls out.

There is nary connection from Twitter connected erstwhile this level volition beryllium afloat integrated into Twitter, oregon disposable to those extracurricular the US.

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