Can Jitendra Gupta’s ‘Customer-First’ Neobank Jupiter Win The Trust of Indian Consumers?

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“You can’t alteration your DNA overnight.” – neobanking startup Jupiter laminitis Jitendra Gupta

Banks surely person the experience, and they person tried to spell digital, but for Gupta, the DNA of a startup is thing that cannot beryllium replicated. Having founded CitrusPay and past exited the institution erstwhile it was acquired by PayU for $130 Mn, Gupta is looking to marque a dent erstwhile again successful the fintech ecosystem with neobank Jupiter.

The startup started retired with a bang with raising $24 Mn successful its effect circular successful 2019 from the likes of Matrix Partners, Sequoia, Greyhound, 3one4 Capital and others. Since then, it has raised different $2 Mn circular erstwhile it came retired of stealth past year. These 2 rounds for the neobank people attracted the attraction of the fintech ecosystem and marketplace observers. Even earlier the merchandise launch, Jupiter had got arsenic overmuch backing arsenic astir startups whitethorn not spot until their maturation stage. Even for a second-time entrepreneur, this was astonishing — truthful what is the full deal?

As helium prepares for the Jupiter launch for prime aboriginal customers time (June 24) with a wider rollout successful the archetypal fractional of July, Gupta says the imaginativeness was to physique a customer-first bank. That’s thing that each slope typically claims erstwhile it is starting out, but for the founder, this means a slope that moves to the bushed of its customers, alternatively than an opaque institution, which is what accepted banks are, contempt their gangly claims.

The startup has already seen adjacent to 40K individuals signing up for the waitlist for its launch. While it’s excessively aboriginal to speech astir revenue, the people is to scope much than a cardinal customers successful a year’s time.

Jupiter: Building A Neobank In The Open

Big banks supply an array of services, but they are mostly either one-size-fits-all oregon costly for retail customers. Plus, astir consumers oregon retail bankers don’t cognize however to utilise the array of fiscal services offered with their slope account.

According to Gupta, Jupiter tackles these challenges successful antithetic ways. No 1 truly knows what features oregon services a accepted slope is moving connected — that’s antithetic astatine Jupiter, which is gathering successful the open. Anyone tin presumption the neobank’s existent precedence areas, suggest caller features, and walk connected constructive feedback to the merchandise squad connected the unfastened task connected Trello.

Gupta says helium personally wades into discussions connected features with prospective users, trying to spot wherefore customers are asking for 1 diagnostic implicit the other. These are the users who are getting aboriginal entree starting tomorrow.

The different large quality is successful the mode Jupiter deals with lawsuit goals, dissimilar a bank, wherever the enactment of savings is not linked to outcomes. “The attack we are taking is the concern app approach, wherever the fiscal goals for a user are precise personalised and contextual. So you can’t run a one-size-fits-all approach. And this is wherever our larger imaginativeness is — however bash we marque immoderate radical scope their fiscal goals and beryllium their usher for fiscal discipline, which mostly is the biggest occupation today, anyplace successful the world,” the neobank’s laminitis and CEO adds.

The occupation is magnified successful India due to the fact that Indians are not educated successful managing finances oregon maximising their wealthiness astatine an aboriginal age. Most young big and teen Indians are focussed connected getting the close schoolhouse acquisition and uncovering a precocious paying job, and this deficiency of fiscal acumen is exploited by banks.

“Today, banks and consumers are antagonistic to each different successful the mode they operate. A user wants to marque much returns, instrumentality less loans, marque much investments, and get the champion insurance. But the slope wants to support much idle wealth successful the accounts and wants to merchantability much loans, pushing the user down a indebtedness trap.” – Neobank Jupiter laminitis Jitendra Gupta

Gupta adds that the occupation is not that determination are precise fewer bully banks successful India, but that the close guidance is lacking. Most banks are focussed connected making wealth and profits, but that is immaterial to the consumer. “I spot the consumers getting smarter astir their choices, aspiring for amended work and amended acquisition connected managing their money. They are evolving towards ‘How bash I get power of my finances, alternatively than being guided by immoderate dumb narration managers’,” says the founder.

Changing The Standard Of Banking 

The changing user cognition of banking has seen a slew of startups task into neobanking services, with astir of them chiefly targeting concern users alternatively than retail customers. Besides Jupiter, much than fractional a twelve neobanks are presently operational successful India looking to disrupt the BFSI sector, including cardinal players specified arsenic Open, NiYO, Hylo, PayZello, InstaDApp, YeLo, ChqBook, FamPay, Walrus, epiFi, Finin and RazorPay X among others.

Globally, the neobanking marketplace is expected to scope a worth of $333.4 Bn by 2026, rising astatine a marketplace maturation of 47.1% CAGR from 2020, arsenic per KBV Research. In India, the marketplace size for neobanks specified arsenic Jupiter is uncertain, but salient neobanks successful the state person raised much than $500 Mn since 2019 including Jupiter’s $24 Mn round, the $335 Mn raised by Razorpay since 2019; $35 Mn each raised by Open and Niyo; epiFi which raised $13.2 Mn from Sequoia and Ribbit Capital past year; and implicit $43 Mn invested successful FamPay since 2019.

Many of these neobanks person grabbed important marketplace stock arsenic well. For instance, Open — backed by Tiger Global, 3one4 Capital and Beenext — claims to person much than 500K customers (December 2020) and claims to process $15 Bn-plus successful annualised transactions. Niyo, which has tied up with Equitas Small Finance Bank, claims to person much than 2.5 Mn users overall, but however galore are utilizing its integer savings slope relationship is unclear. Many of the neobanking startups are focussed connected NRI banking, SME banking and firm accounts for startups, whereas Jupiter’s absorption would beryllium connected retail oregon user banking, wherever determination are plentifulness of symptom points.

In the archetypal signifier of the launch, customers volition beryllium capable to get entree to a slope account, the quality to aggregate their finances connected the app, the quality to usage UPI and a transparent reward strategy with discounts for app partners arsenic good arsenic cashback connected spending.

Customer work is 1 country wherever Gupta says Jupiter is looking to acceptable itself apart. He believes the modular of banking lawsuit work has fallen successful the past fewer years, contempt fancy narration manager positions being created astatine banks. The lawsuit work acquisition is precisely similar Swiggy oregon Zomato, Gupta adds, wherever customers tin simply nonstop a connection to either artifact cards oregon activate features.

Like different neobanks, Jupiter has tied up with accepted banks — Axis Bank and Federal Bank  — to connection banking services specified arsenic loans oregon concern planning. India’s banking regulations mean that neobanks cannot connection banking and fiscal services autonomously. They person to spouse with an entity that has a banking licence and tin past connection services successful concern with these banks. Other neobanks person a batch much slope partners — Open claims to enactment with 15 banks — but Gupta says the institution is much than blessed with conscionable 2 banks.

Fintech successful India is joining the mainstream from the periphery of the BFSI industry. This month’s PMC Bank acquisition by BharatPe and Centrum and the Groww acquisition of the IndiaBulls AMC business past period hint astatine the shifting banking landscape. Are fintech neobanks acceptable to dethrone accepted banks?

Gupta says India has akin demographics and marketplace conditions to markets specified arsenic Brazil wherever the stronghold of the large banks has been challenged by neobanks specified arsenic Nubank. “We are seeing much collaboration and much openness by banks and regulators to enactment with fintech startups. Even if you look astatine the Western world, oregon adjacent Latin America and Brazil with Nubank, which started successful 2014 and successful six years, it has travel to a presumption wherever Nubank is seeing 1 successful each 2 caller accounts opened.”

The institution volition integrate its bargain present wage aboriginal (BNPL) merchandise Bullet into Jupiter, on with the portfolio investigation that it presently offers. Beyond savings and idiosyncratic concern absorption solutions, Jupiter has plans to connection services specified arsenic recognition cards and much successful the future.

As for the runway, Gupta says the institution has capable successful the slope for the adjacent 30 months — adjacent to $20 Mn is leftover from its backing round. And portion determination are nary plans to rise caller funds astatine this point, investors whitethorn good travel calling if Jupiter is capable to beryllium its proposal astir customer-first banking.

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