Countdown begins for Africa Fintech Summit in Cape Town

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Fintech stakeholders from crossed Africa and the satellite volition converge successful Cape Town, South Africa, for the 8 Africa Fintech Summit, from 2 to 4 November 2022. The prestigious conference, billed arsenic Africa’s premier fintech event, volition beryllium hosted astatine the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

This November’s Cape Town edition promises to present robust and cautiously curated community-oriented experiences done plenary sessions, networking opportunities, keynote addresses, start-up demos and exhibitions, an ecosystem tour, and the 2022 AlphaExpo Micro Accelerator Pitch Competition.

Over the past 5 years and 7 editions, the Africa Fintech Summit is simply a fintech ecosystem-building inaugural by bringing the world’s attraction to Africa’s rapidly increasing fintech sector, fostering intra-African and continental partnerships, and providing a motorboat pad for innovative and impactful fiscal services solutions.

Voted the astir engaging lawsuit of the World Bank Spring Series, the Africa Fintech Summit is hosted doubly a year, each April successful Washington D.C. during the outpouring meetings of the World Bank Group and each November successful a antithetic African city, with the astir caller editions hosted successful Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Lagos, Nigeria, and Cairo, Egypt.

The summits person featured implicit 100 high-impact plenary, closed-door, and networking sessions. With implicit 4000 in-person and virtual attendees, and much than 200 panellists representing implicit $4.5B successful backstage equity and task superior funding.

From facilitating argumentation instauration to enabling cognition sharing and the motorboat of strategical partnerships, the Africa Fintech Summit has consistently supported the minds gathering solutions to make a financially resilient and inclusive Africa. Start-ups person besides recovered the acme to beryllium the cleanable spark to jumpstart their journeys done the Alpha Expo Micro Accelerator. Alumni of the programme person raised implicit $200 cardinal and see manufacture leaders specified arsenic Yellow Card, Market Force, PiggyVest, PayHippo, Asaak, and others.

Africa Fintech Summit Cape Town follows a palmy 7th acme this past spring, hosted successful Washington D.C. during the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings which brought unneurotic implicit 450 fintech stakeholders successful idiosyncratic and online.

The Cape Town acme volition look to replicate the results of past editions and proceed the ecosystem-building conversations that kicked disconnected successful D.C. earlier this April nether the year’s overarching thesis: “Africanisation of planetary fintech.”

The Africanisation of Global Fintech explores the maturation of African fintechs and however their power is extending beyond the continent onto the planetary scene, the expanding absorption of planetary investors connected the sector, and different emerging and defining trends putting Africa’s fintech abstraction connected the planetary map.

Conversations astatine the acme volition revolve astir fintech argumentation and regulation, cross-border payments and remittance, section tech talent, mobile wealth and interoperability, blockchain and cryptocurrency usage cases, firm task capital, intra-Africa trade, and more.

Over 60 apical fintech innovators, concern executives, investors, policymakers, and authorities officials are expected to pb these conversations.

Organisers expect panellists volition see the likes of Tosin Eniolorunda of TeamApt, Shola Akinlade of  Paystack, Wiza Jalakasi of Chipper Cash, Omosalewa Adeyemi of Flutterwave, Djiba Diallo of Ecobank, Miranda Perumal astatine Visa, and Andres Perez and Lavina Ramkissoon of the Fintech Association of South Africa.

Beyond the sheet sessions and workshops, delegates person the accidental to registry for a Cape Town Ecosystem Tour connected November 4th, exposing delegates to South Africa’s thriving fintech and startup ecosystems. Per a study by Disrupt Africa, of the 490 operational tech start-ups successful South Africa, fintech accounts for 30% (147), which is astir 3 times larger than the closest contender, e-commerce and retail tech (50 start-ups).

South Africa has besides consistently attracted the astir backing of the countries successful Southern Africa, having raised astir $1.7B since 2019, representing implicit 95% of the backing secured by start-ups successful the region, according to Africa, the Big Deal.

Speaking connected the acme coming to South Africa, Nomaindia Mfeketo, the country’s ambassador to the United States, said: “The Africa Fintech Summit, having fiscal inclusion astatine its halfway and enabling the underserved & underbanked colonisation to bask affordable and convenient fiscal services via innovative technological services, is simply a precise invited initiative. I would similar to invited the planetary delegates of AFTS to beauteous South Africa and bask delightful league tourism.”

“We are precise pleased to bring AFTS to South Africa, a satellite person successful Banking & telecom services and 1 of the apical African countries with the astir precocious technological ecosystem hubs and blase tech talent,” said Zekarias Amsalu Dubale, co-founder of AFTS, and the laminitis and managing manager of Ibex Frontier.

“We look guardant to welcoming our planetary delegates and ecosystem players to Cape Town this November, and truthful collaborative partnerships and initiatives are made towards Africanisation of planetary tech.”

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