COVID economy: Job cuts jolt tech, hotel, zoo, religious workers in Bay Area

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Planned layoffs person jolted Bay Area hotels, tech companies, the Oakland Zoo, and a spiritual installation successful a caller circular of occupation cutbacks that suggest the region’s employment marketplace has yet to retrieve from coronavirus-linked ailments.

The caller circular of authoritative layoff notices reported to the authorities Employment Development Department formed a forbidding shadiness connected the Bay Area economy, particularly aft the mammoth occupation losses suffered by the nine-county portion during 2020.

For each of 2020, the Bay Area mislaid a staggering 360,800 jobs, a diminution of 8.8% successful the fig of jobs successful the region. During the aforesaid one-year period, Santa Clara County shed 79,400 jobs oregon a 6.9% drop; the East Bay mislaid 113,900 jobs, a 9.6% decline; the San Francisco-San Mateo portion mislaid 118,100 jobs, a 9.9% drop, this quality organization’s investigation of the EDD figures shows.

In the astir caller layoffs:

— McAfee, a tech steadfast that provides information software, reported plans for the layoffs of 137 workers successful San Jose. The occupation cuts were slated to beryllium effectual arsenic of March 2, 2021.

— Dropbox, a tech institution that provides bundle to negociate documents successful the cloud, reported it had decided to laic disconnected 167 workers successful San Francisco. The cuts went into effect connected Jan. 14.

— Cavallo Point Lodge astatine the Golden Gate, a North Bay edifice and resort, is cutting 119 jobs successful Sausalito. The cuts were effectual Dec. 8 but were lone posted by the EDD connected Jan. 20. The lodge is operating nether coronavirus-linked restrictions.

— Nazareth House, which for 60 years has provided a status and attraction location for aged Catholic clergy and spiritual successful the Bay Area, has closed its doors. The coronavirus and fiscal difficulties were cited arsenic factors down the imperishable shutdown. The closure eliminated 76 jobs successful San Rafael.

— Service Systems Associates, which provides culinary and retail services astatine the Oakland Zoo, has chopped 51 jobs astatine the East Bay zoological complex. The Zoo is closed arsenic a effect of coronavirus-linked shutdowns ordered by Alameda County.

— Hyatt Regency Santa Clara has permanently eliminated 80 jobs.

The relentless occupation cuts and concern shutdowns hammered some the Bay Area and California during December.

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The Bay Area mislaid 14,300 jobs during December, portion California mislaid 52,200 jobs. The occupation cuts were peculiarly brutal successful airy of the nonaccomplishment of 140,000 jobs nationwide successful the aforesaid month.

The occupation cuts were truthful terrible that the Bay Area employment losses generated 27% of the statewide occupation losses successful December, adjacent though the Bay Area accounts for lone 22% of the statewide labour force.

Similarly, California produced 37% of the nation’s occupation losses successful December, adjacent though the authorities accounts for conscionable 11% of the nationwide labour pool.

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