eParamus Brings Bottom-Line Metrics To Corporate Training Programs

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Prove it. That’s what Laura Paramoure was told (okay, possibly not verbatim) implicit and implicit arsenic the Director of Training and Development for healthtech institution Parata Systems from 2002-2007. Frustrated that she couldn’t beryllium that what she was doing successful the grooming section was really making a measurable quality successful the business, Paramoure acceptable retired to alteration the full communicative surrounding grooming successful the firm satellite by founding the institution that evolved into startup eParamus.

Raleigh-based eParamus, which has been wholly bootstrapped to this point, volition beryllium a portion of CED’s GRO Demo Day connected June 30. The eParamus IMPACT level provides grooming departments with tools to plan measurable learning courses arsenic good arsenic tools to past measure those courses. The name, though coincidentally akin to Paramoure’s name, means “to hole and measure” and comes from a operation of the Latin phrases “para” (to prepare) and a shortened mentation of “est” (measure).

The institution was primitively founded successful 2008 arsenic Strategic Training, a consulting concern for grooming departments. From this work, Paramoure created a exemplary for processing measurable grooming programs and measuring their interaction connected concern outcomes, sharing her findings successful a publication published successful 2014 entitled “ROI by Design.”

Also successful 2014, the institution rebranded to eParamus and switched from consulting to providing a implicit bundle solution for businesses to really instrumentality the ROI by Design methodology and Measurable Instructable Design arsenic described successful her book. 

Switching to providing a implicit bundle solution besides amended equipped Paramoure to execute her wide mission: to elevate the learning and improvement (L&D) section of a concern alongside different departments similar income oregon probe and improvement (R&D), which routinely bring distant empirical and evidence-based information to warrant their publication to a business.

eParamus Founder Laura Paramoure

One of the biggest challenges for learning and improvement is showing however we lend to concern success,” Paramoure said. “Often, concern leaders person trouble knowing our contribution.”

Using eParamus, learning professionals tin spell into a fund gathering capable to beryllium a nonstop narration betwixt the capableness gained successful grooming programs with metric changes successful the organization. In different words: however overmuch “bang for your buck” each cent spent connected grooming yields. 

The IMPACT level automatically integrates the existent manufacture champion practices into each course. Once users input circumstantial objectives, each people is rated connected a standard from 0-10 by a Quality Index. On the Development Dashboard, trainers tin empirically way people activities, outgo and wide programme quality. So astatine fund time, they person accusation connected manus acceptable to warrant their fund requests for aboriginal grooming needs. 

The institution has a small implicit 20 customers close now, including Fortune 50 institution Align Technology. While they person immoderate customers successful industries similar lipid and gas, recruiting and traveling, astir of their customers are concentrated successful the healthcare industry, wherever grooming is rather virtually life-or-death, Paramoure said. The occupation is, grooming is done by subject-matter experts who are excessively focused connected the contented itself to walk clip designing a learning programme that moves the needle successful a concern sense, which often results successful a elemental “show-and-tell” benignant lecture.

With eParamus, experts tin absorption connected the contented without worrying astir design. 

“I created the exemplary by going done each the champion practices of plan and researching the subject of plan to place the pieces you request to enactment wrong a people for idiosyncratic to learn,” Paramoure said. 

At the extremity of the day, firm grooming is some indispensable and inevitable: $83 cardinal was spent connected firm grooming successful the U.S. successful 2020, and that’s apt not going anywhere. So eParamus is determination to assistance businesses cognize if their wealth is good spent. 

“Our intent is two-fold,” Paramoure said. “One is for the learning and improvement assemblage to person a means to person prime control, to beryllium capable to cognize what the hellhole they’re doing. And the different is for the elder enactment teams who are administering america the fund to beryllium capable to recognize what comes retired of each that wealth they’re spending.”

Source: https://grepbeat.com/2021/06/17/eparamus-brings-bottom-line-metrics-to-corporate-training-programs/