How Onmeta Is Helping dApps Reach More Users By Simplifying Crypto Transactions

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The rising digitisation and summation successful the usage of UPI and net banking person enabled Web2 applications to monetise their services easily. However, the aforesaid cannot beryllium said for the Web3 ecosystem, which has respective bottlenecks specified arsenic a deficiency of interoperability betwixt crypto and fiat currencies, costly transaction costs and engagement of thousands of tokens, among others.

Payment enablers and aggregators for the Web3 ecosystem are scarce, but with Bengaluru-based Onmeta, the Web3 ecosystem is coming of property successful the country. Founded successful 2021 by Bharath T and Krishna Teja Nemani, Onmeta offers on-ramp and off-ramp solutions for decentralised applications (dApps), akin to immoderate outgo aggregator for the Web2 ecosystem.

It offers exertion programming interfaces (APIs) and widget integrations that fundamentally let users to bargain crypto tokens with fiat currencies (on-ramp) and merchantability crypto successful speech for fiat currencies (off-ramp).

One of the biggest challenges that the Web3 assemblage faces is the deficiency of on-ramp and off-ramp solutions successful crypto transactions for dApps connected assorted blockchains. A idiosyncratic has to spell done aggregate crypto exchanges and transactions to bargain the required token, which tin beryllium off-putting to users caller to the Web3 ecosystem.

According to a report by DappRadar, the per time usage of dApps successful 2021 surged to 2.7 Mn unsocial progressive wallets globally. The full manufacture enactment accrued 765% year-on-year (YoY). Interestingly, implicit 51% of the blockchain industry’s enactment was accounted for by gaming dApps, portion decentralised concern (DeFi) accounted for lone 37%.

Onmeta’s APIs and widget integrations alteration a dApp to let users to acquisition and merchantability the token wrong its ecosystem. Given the expanding dApp enactment wrong the Web3 ecosystem, the startup’s solutions tin let galore of them to standard up and easy monetise their services without losing users to the complexity.

So far, the startup has processed transactions worthy much than $1 Mn since its merchandise motorboat successful April 2022, having been integrated into much than 15 dApps.

Earlier this month, Onmeta raised $1.5 Mn successful a effect circular led by Skycatcher Fund. Luno Expeditions, Polygon Studios and GSF Fund were the different organization investors that took portion successful the round.

Several angel investors besides joined the round, specified arsenic Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon founder), Ganesh Swami (Covalent CEO), Nitish Mittersain (Nazara founder), Madhur Deep (India Head, Alibaba) and Hiro Mashita (MD, Sin Growth Partners).

Prateek Gupta, concern caput astatine Onmeta, told Inc42 that the early-stage startup is readying to usage the backing to physique enactment for fiat currencies, yet offering enactment for each large currencies, arsenic good arsenic for squad enlargement and assemblage outreach.

How Onmeta Works?

Explaining the startup’s working, Gupta said that currently, a idiosyncratic has to fig retired wherever the token helium wants is available. Most of the tokens for dApps are disposable exclusively connected a decentralised speech (DEX), which makes the process each the much difficult, arsenic a DEX does not let users to bargain crypto tokens with fiat currency.

That is, presently, a idiosyncratic has to bash the pursuing to spell from fiat currency to a circumstantial crypto token:

  • Create a non-custodial wallet (such arsenic Metamask)
  • Buy a stablecoin (USDT, for instance) astatine an speech utilizing fiat currency
  • Deposit the stablecoin successful their non-custodial wallet
  • Find the DEX which sells the token they are funny successful (Uniswap, for instance)
  • Map the wallet with the DEX
  • Do a ‘token swap’ to speech the stablecoin with the token required
  • Withdraw the token into their wallet
  • Connect the wallet with the dApp to usage the token

The long-winded introduction process ends up being a deterrent and dApps suffer imaginable users owed to it.

Gupta said that currently, a azygous crypto speech supports lone a fewer crypto tokens. However, determination are much than 10,000 crypto tokens unrecorded crossed 30 blockchains. For emerging tokens, it is hard to execute standard arsenic crypto exchanges lone enactment 300-400 tokens astatine 1 time. Onmeta claims to lick this by supporting much than 4,000 crypto tokens.

Gupta pointed retired that Onmeta’s solution works likewise to immoderate different outgo gateway provider.

A idiosyncratic tin spell to a dApp that has Onmeta’s solution integrated and prime the token helium wishes to purchase. Next, the idiosyncratic volition request to participate the magnitude for which helium wants to acquisition the token (for instance, if idiosyncratic wants to acquisition INR 100 worthy of token, they request to participate 100 successful the outgo option), and past wage via UPI to Onmeta.

Buying a crypto token with Onmeta (Source: Onmeta)

Once that is done, the idiosyncratic volition beryllium asked to supply the UPI transaction ID for Onmeta to verify. Once the verification is done astatine Onmeta’s end, it volition deposit the token successful the user’s crypto wallet wrong a infinitesimal oregon so.

Similarly, Onmeta besides simplifies exits for users with its off-ramp integration successful dApps. Users tin speech their holdings for INR wrong astir a infinitesimal and the startup deposits the INR successful the slope relationship linked by the idiosyncratic to the portal.

“Eventually, we privation to beryllium capable to enactment each large fiat currency,” said Gupta astir Onmeta’s plans. He added that the startup volition beryllium gathering enactment for different emerging markets astir the world.

Bharath T, laminitis and CEO astatine Onmeta, said, “While astir different on- and off-ramp work providers process payments successful 5-10 minutes connected an average, Onmeta has processed 91% of its transactions truthful acold successful little than 60 seconds, mirroring the existent Web2 acquisition of instant payments.”

The startup uses a commission-based B2B concern model, wherein it charges a transaction interest connected each transaction that it processes. “It is typically 3% for on-ramp transactions and 1.5% for off-ramp transactions,” Gupta said.

Gupta said that Onmeta builds successful tandem with the changing regulatory scenery truthful that dApps tin absorption connected innovation and merchandise and not interest astir compliance issues. Onmeta complies with regulations including eKYC and anti-money laundering (AML) checks for each the transactions processed done its solutions, the concern caput said.

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