Lower Raises $100M Series A For Home Buying

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Ohio-based location buying institution Lower has raised $100 cardinal successful a Series A circular of backing led by Accel.

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Lower is simply a full-stack lender, arsenic good arsenic a level for buying, selling, and insuring homes. If $100 cardinal sounds similar a batch of wealth for a Series A (it is), there’s a crushed for that successful this case–Lower is already profitable. The institution was founded successful 2014 and bootstrapped until now, reaching $300 cardinal successful gross without raising immoderate extracurricular capital, according to CEO Dan Snyder.

“At the core, our content is that homeownership is the top wealthiness creator for folks successful America today,” Snyder said successful an interrogation with Crunchbase News. “And we’re trying to alteration that to little barriers and marque it easier.” 

Through Lower, consumers tin prevention for a home, acceptable goals, get a mortgage, cheque their credit, and get location security via an security marketplace. The institution funds billions successful loans each year, according to Snyder, and is doubling its maturation annually.

The company’s been increasing fast, going from astir 600 to 650 employees past summertime to astir 1,600 now. Lower expects to extremity 2021 with much than 2,000 employees.

Lower’s extremity is to beryllium the starring integer lender successful the United States successful the adjacent 5 years, Snyder said, but reaching that extremity is hard erstwhile the institution is utilizing its ain wealth to get there, and competitors person deeper pockets. 

That’s wherefore Lower was unfastened to raising wealth from extracurricular investors now, helium said. The institution received 3 word sheets successful a week erstwhile it went retired to rise money, with Accel ending up starring the round. Accel spouse John Locke will beryllium joining Lower’s committee of directors.

“It’s hard to vie with companies similar Better who person raised much wealth than we’ve spent successful our lifetime,” Snyder said. “So present we’re leveling the playing tract and person much ammo.”

Accel was introduced to Snyder done Clay Wilkes, the laminitis of Galileo, different bootstrapped institution extracurricular of Silicon Valley that raised a ample Series A circular from Accel successful 2019. Lower has immoderate of the aforesaid qualities arsenic Galileo, which was acquired by SoFi for $1.2 cardinal past year, according to Locke.

“Our content is that a palmy institution tin beryllium built anyplace crossed the globe,” Locke said successful an email. “We similar however Dan and the Lower squad person planted their roots successful Ohio. We besides emotion to find businesses that bootstrap their mode to success. It connotes a grit that we judge is simply a beardown instauration for semipermanent success. Lower has both, and the operation reminds america of companies that we person partnered with for a ample Series A similar Atlassian, 1Password, Qualtrics and Galileo.”

With the caller funding, Columbus-based Lower plans to support doing what it’s been doing, conscionable faster, Snyder said. Lower plans to put successful technology, hiring, and gathering much marque awareness.

Lower’s caller backing is the largest Series A circular raised by an Ohio-based company, surpassing 2Checkout’s $60 cardinal Series A successful July 2014, according to Crunchbase. It’s besides the second-largest task circular raised by an Ohio-based institution this year, down Forge Biologics’ $120 cardinal Series B. 

Illustration: Li-Anne Dias

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