Mediafly Raises $25M To Help Companies Sell More

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Mediafly secured a $25 cardinal maturation circular arsenic it looks to instrumentality connected Highspot and Seismic successful the sales-enablement arena.

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Investors successful the circular included Boathouse Capital providing equity and Sterling National Bank providing elder debt.

The Chicago-based institution — whose customers see PepsiCo and Disney — helps companies make customized and interactive income transportation decks and different presentations. Carson Conant, the company’s laminitis and CEO, said Mediafly’s interactive, animated contented helps abstracted it from its sales-automation competitors.

“We absorption connected the income part, not the automation,” Conant said.


In 2018, Media alert pivoted from a attraction connected sales-enablement automation to much of a absorption connected content, Conant said. That displacement successful absorption started to wage disconnected aft the pandemic deed arsenic companies were looking for amended ways to prosecute with prospective buyers.

“I deliberation (the pandemic) accelerated our marketplace by 2 to 3 years,” Conant said.

According to Crunchbase data, planetary task backing for income automation has remained remarkably changeless done the past fewer years, though it took a flimsy dip past year. In some 2018 and 2019, task backing totaled astir $1.1 billion, earlier a flimsy dip to $992 cardinal past year.

Conant said helium has witnessed beardown capitalist involvement successful Mediafly for the past fewer years, adjacent arsenic determination has been a lessening of companies successful the marketplace .

Mediafly — founded successful 2006 arsenic much of a media aggregation and podcast level — does not connection maturation oregon gross figures, but the institution present has much than 350 customers, galore being ample enterprises, Conant said. The 130-person institution has raised much than $75 cardinal successful task backing and debt, helium added.


Part of the company’s displacement to contented came from a trio of acquisitions it made starting successful 2018 and ending past October with the acquisition of U.K.-based ocular connection solution Presentify.

Conant said helium does not expect utilizing the existent funds for much deals, but did not regularisation retired aboriginal acquisitions.

“The adjacent acquisitions would beryllium bigger and necessitate much money,” Conant said. “It’s perfectly thing we privation to bash successful the future.”

On the different extremity of the dealmaking front, Conant said Mediafly has received acquisition involvement successful the past 12 months, but the institution has a “premium valuation” it puts connected itself. Nevertheless, helium said, ample lawsuit narration absorption companies specified arsenic Salesforce1, SAP, Microsoft and SugarCRM, arsenic good arsenic income outreach companies, each could look to adhd income enablement and automation, and consolidation could commencement successful astir 2 years.

“We decidedly spot bigger players paying attraction here,” Conant said.

Illustration: Li-Anne Dias.

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