Medtech startup SS Innovations unveils medical robotics surgery system, MANTRA

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China and Visakhapatnam-based medical device maker SS Innovations unveiled its SSI MANTRA (Multi-Arm Novel Tele Robotic Assistance) Surgical Robotic System with an aim to improve the quality and ensure accessibility to robotic surgical systems.

Speaking at the event, Founder and CEO Dr Sudhir Srivastav explained that the system is unique from the existing systems because it can be used for cardiac surgeries. Apart from this, the system can also be utilised for urology, general surgery, gynaecology, thoracic, and head and neck surgery

Image Credit: SS Innovations

“Robotics shall be the future of surgery, and my vision is to create a technologically advanced system that will be cost-effective, easy to use, and can be applied to all surgical specialties. Compared to conventional surgery, robotic surgery results in smaller incisions, that reduces pain, scarring and leads to a quicker recovery.” Dr Srivastava said. 

According to Dr Sudhir, a human pilot study with the MANTRA system has been done at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, where the surgeons successfully completed 18 complex Urology, Gynaecology and General Surgery procedures in less than a month. He added that the system will soon be launched in the market for use.

The system is expected to be priced at Rs 4-5 crore and will be able to produce around 150-200 robotics systems when it goes into production.

Addressing the audience, he explained that the robotic system will not automatically operate the patient or make any decisions. The surgeons will be handling the robot system which will move as instructed by the doctor. The robotic system will merely be a tool for the operation done by the doctors. This system will, however, enable doctors to perform surgeries even from remote locations.

Amitabh Kant, CEO of government think-tank NITI Ayog, was also present at the launch and explained that the robotic surgery system can help in doing complex surgeries more easily, benefitting both the surgeon and the patients. 

“The system will ensure less trauma, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery. MANTRA robotic system in India will open up a whole range of medical technologies and robotic surgeries available to the Indian population. MANTRA system has been designed, architectured and manufactured in India in partnership with Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone,” Amitabh Kant said.

SS Innovation was founded in 2016 by Dr Sudhir Srivastava with an aim to improve accessibility to robotic surgical procedures through clinical experience, patient outreach, and technology development. The founder revealed that the startup has already raised over Rs 300 crore in the last three years. It is now looking to raise Rs 700-1,000 crore in its next round of funding to establish the manufacturing, assembly, infrastructure, and clinical support for its global launch starting with India. 

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