Meet ZeroBounce: One of country’s fastest-growing companies calls Boca home

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Riley Kaminer

Boca Raton-based startup ZeroBounce, No. 40 connected the astir caller Inc. 5000 database of the fastest-growing companies successful the US, is connected a ngo to assistance companies guarantee that the emails they nonstop get successful their customers’ mailboxes. 

Sending emails whitethorn look similar a trivial task, but Liviu Tanase, ZeroBounce’s laminitis and CEO (pictured above), knows the pitfalls that users look erstwhile they property send.

A staggering “15% of each email lists” incorporate immoderate benignant of inaccuracy, Tanase told Refresh Miami. From typos to much predatory spam traps, these unverified email addresses endanger a company’s quality to nonstop selling communications, often inadvertently blocking them from fashionable platforms similar Mailchimp. 

Faulty email lists tin person a nonstop interaction connected a company’s bottommost line. ZeroBounce, an email verification and database enhancement service, solves this occupation by helping companies validate email addresses earlier they are used, Tanase said.

With astir 7 cardinal emails validated to date, the startup serves much than 100,000 businesses successful 190+ countries and adds up to 150 caller clients each day, according to the company. ZeroBounce precocious added a blacklist monitoring instrumentality to its arsenal, helping companies larn if their domain, IP address, oregon message server is blacklisted.

When Tanase, a serial entrepreneur and telecommunications executive, near his autochthonal Romania to acceptable up store successful the US, helium was instantly attracted to South Florida.

“I urge it 100% from a concern perspective,” Tanase said of Boca Raton.

ZeroBounce started with 2 tiny enforcement offices erstwhile Tanase moved to Florida successful 2018. By 2019, the institution had scaled up to a overmuch larger bureau abstraction and 15 employees.

“Getting the close radical successful the close spot is my biggest challenge,” said Tanase. In South Florida, helium recovered a “much amended endowment pool” than different places helium had conducted business, some successful the US and abroad. ZeroBounce besides has an bureau successful Santa Barbara, Calif.

Tanase praised “the beardown enactment culture” of South Florida: “Employees successful Florida person a wholly antithetic mindset, and that makes a precise large difference.”

He is excited astir ZeroBounce’s beardown maturation trajectory. It’s the 2nd twelvemonth the startup has made the Inc Fastest Growing Companies list, and ZeroBounce jumped from No 851 successful 2019 to No 40 past year, logging a 3-year maturation complaint of 7,054%.

To enactment that growth, Tanase hopes to prosecute much employees, either successful South Florida oregon remotely.

The closure of the Boca bureau owed to the pandemic has helped Tanase spot the affirmative broadside to distant working: “Whenever we find the close radical – because they’re truthful hard to find – we’re going to prosecute them careless of wherever they are.” This is successful stark opposition to earlier the pandemic, erstwhile Tanase and squad wanted each employees to beryllium successful the Boca office.

Despite the opportunities that travel with distant working, Tanase highlighted immoderate large advantages of being physically contiguous with coworkers, particularly successful the South Florida area.

For example, Tanase credited his engagement successful Vistage, a peer-mentoring rank enactment for CEOs, concern owners and executives, with helping him rapidly standard ZeroBounce.

Compared to Vistage groups successful different parts of the US, Tanase felt that those progressive successful the South Florida section were peculiarly attuned to the needs of exertion entrepreneurs.

Equally, Tanase noted that helium does spot the benefits of having everyone successful a azygous office, wherever “the synergy betwixt them is great.” And helium plans for Boca Raton to proceed to beryllium the post-pandemic location of ZeroBounce, wherever his institution tin turn successful tandem with the burgeoning Palm Beach County startup ecosystem.

ZeroBounce’s Boca Raton league room.

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