Milo, a Miami fintech startup, raises $6M seed round – and it’s hiring

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Milo, a Miami-based integer banking and location owe startup serving planetary consumers, announced Wednesday it has raised a $6 million seed financing round.

Milo was founded successful precocious 2018 by Josip Rupena, who identified a marketplace request portion moving arsenic a fiscal advisor astatine Morgan Stanley, serving some institutions and planetary clients. He recovered that adjacent high-net worthy planetary clients could person trouble securing a US location indebtedness due to the fact that of accepted banks’ domestically focused processes.

Milo CEO Josip Rupena

After astir a twelvemonth successful development, Milo became the archetypal institution to bash a afloat distant integer closing for an planetary user past year.

Rupena, Milo’s CEO, said the startup launched with location loans due to the fact that lone astir 30% of planetary consumers are yet capable to unafraid US location loans, and those that bash often wage higher involvement rates oregon endure a cumbersome lawsuit experience. That’s a marketplace conception Milo believes it tin people with further fiscal solutions and banking services. “Our ngo is to reimagine however planetary consumers entree fiscal solutions successful the US – successful a mode that really caters to them,” helium said.

To date, Milo has processed much than $100 cardinal successful indebtedness requests and doubled its squad to astir 20, divided betwixt Miami and Colombia.

“The involvement rates that we connection are comparable to banks, and our processes are importantly easier and faster,” Rupena said.

The squad Milo has assembled see radical from Mastercard, Citibank and American Express. “Our VP of engineering was the pb technologist astatine Carecloud. We person radical that ran banks that are portion of our organization,” Rupena said.

Rupena expects to treble the squad again by the extremity of the year. “We’ve been keeping our caput down and increasing our company, and we’re hiring. We’re all-in connected Miami.”

Milo presently is running six occupation postings connected Refresh Miami, for positions including  a senior-level bundle engineer, QA technologist and UX/UI designer

The effect circular was led by fintech specializer QED Investors with information from MetaProp and 10X Capital. The superior volition enactment continued technological concern and squad maturation for Milo. Fintech and  proptech, some sectors the Milo plays in, person been showing spot successful South Florida.

“Global consumers’ fiscal needs are perpetually evolving, creating a request for unsocial and flexible solutions that enactment them successful reaching their goals and achieving fiscal wellness,” said Matt Burton of QED Investors. “We’re excited that Milo is astatine the halfway of this translation and that QED tin play a supporting role.”

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