Ocean Supercluster announces $20 Million Investment in nine new AI-powered ocean projects

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With the backing of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy Program, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster (OSC) has announced $20 cardinal successful backing crossed 9 AI-based water projects

“We privation to augment the AI sector–and successful water determination is unthinkable accidental to bash this,” OSC said successful a connection to BetaKit.

Announced past week astatine the ALL IN league successful Montréal, OSC’s committedness accompanies different caller Pan-Canadian AI Strategy announcements, specified arsenic Scale AI’s $21-million commitment to AI-backed healthcare solutions.

In its 2021 budget, the Government of Canada committed an further $443 cardinal to thrust the adoption of AI crossed Canada’s system and nine for the 2nd signifier of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy.

OSC, which focuses connected accelerating the improvement and commercialization of Canadian-made, ocean-based solutions, was allotted wealth done this programme to enactment oceans-based AI projects.

“We privation to augment the AI sector–and successful water determination is unthinkable accidental to bash this,” OSC said successful a connection to BetaKit.

The largest OSC-provided allotment gave $5 cardinal to the HydroAware project, meant to grow hydropower and safeguard habitats utilizing AI-powered food monitoring. Led by Innovasea successful Bedford, N.S., the task is meant to assistance hydropower companies comply with authorities specified arsenic the Fisheries Act and Species astatine Risk Act, which necessitate safeguarding food populations from harm via infrastructure.

The cleantech-focused lithoscope project, led by Scient Analytics, received $149,000 of its full $451,000 task worth from OSC. The task is said to bring successful non-destructive imaging technologies to tackle seafloor sediment samples, which clasp important accusation astir the subsurface environment, including the suitability for offshore infrastructure similar upwind turbines.

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$1.5 million, the second-largest allotment of OSC-provided funding, went to the scalable fisheries monitoring task led by Vancouver-based OnDeck Fisheries AI. The task is expected to alteration AI-based physics fishery monitoring programs that volition ticker sportfishing boats to spot erstwhile and wherever food are being caught.

Other projects funded volition usage AI to remotely analyse water biomass for seaweed farming, oversee oyster farming, and show food determination and health.

OSC said the projects are led from Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia and volition play a relation successful helping beforehand water sectors, pass determination making and summation planetary competitiveness.

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