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Bold Commerce raises $35 cardinal CAD Series B backed by OMERS (BETAKIT)

Bold Commerce is hoping a $35 cardinal CAD ($27 cardinal USD) Series B circular volition assistance it go the level to powerfulness commerce anyplace and everywhere.


Why San Francisco-based VC Hustle Fund Is Betting Big connected Canada

“At Hustle Fund, we’re convinced that Canada is positioned good to nutrient immoderate of the largest, category-defining companies connected the planet. We’re anxious to money these companies, and excited to spouse with Hockeystick to place these opportunities!” – Eric Bahn (General Partner)

Since launch, Hockeystick has made implicit 6000 funder recommendations to Canadian startups. Learn however startups are utilizing exertion to conscionable funders astir the world.

Pandemic online buying roar has generated bumper harvest of susceptible idiosyncratic data, e-commerce experts warn (CBC)

Online buying successful Canada has much than doubled since pandemic restrictions hit, and that has important implications for consumers and the privateness of their data, e-commerce experts say.

Uber, aft buying Postmates, lays disconnected much than 180 employees (NEW YORK TIMES)

The layoffs see astir of the enforcement squad astatine Postmates, the nutrient transportation app that Uber bought past year.

Vancouver e-commerce marque KITS Eyecare closes $55 cardinal IPO, begins trading connected TSX (BETAKIT)

Vancouver e-commerce retailer KITS Eyecare, a integer eyewear company, has closed a $55 cardinal archetypal nationalist offering and began trading connected the TSX Tuesday.

How Shopify became the caller retail empire (MODERN RETAIL)

For a decade, Shopify has been dilatory growing, describing itself arsenic a quiescent no-nonsense back-end instrumentality to assistance merchants turn their businesses. And implicit the past twelvemonth it became an empire.

The cutthroat warfare to predominate China’s market transportation industry (REST OF WORLD)

Community radical buying is helping tech giants seizure a invaluable caller market. But tin neighborly spot beryllium converted into marque loyalty?

Instacart to chopped 1,900 jobs, including its lone national roles (BLOOMBERG)

Instacart Inc. is cutting astir 1,900 employees’ jobs, including 10 workers who precocious formed a union, arsenic the institution seeks to boost its ranks of declaration workers.

Paystone secures $69 cardinal arsenic institution chases acquisitive maturation strategy (BETAKIT)

Paystone, a London, Ont. and Montreal-based startup that offers lawsuit engagement and outgo processing software, has secured a $69 cardinal CAD investment.

Help with vaccination propulsion comes from unexpected businesses (NEW YORK TIMES)

Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon are among the companies offering the authorities assistance with logistics and operations.

Why e-commerce companies are turning themselves into banks (MODERN RETAIL)

Walmart mightiness go the latest to participate the retail banking space.

Cashierless tech could observe shoplifting, but bias concerns abound (VENTUREBEAT)

While shoplifting detection isn’t problematic connected its face, lawsuit studies exemplify that it’s susceptible to bias and different flaws that could, astatine worst, effect successful mendacious positives.

Why Ryerson Venture Zone is gathering a healthtech hub successful Brampton fuelled by aviator programs (BETAKIT)

When Ryerson Venture Zone opened applications for its archetypal healthtech incubator programme successful Brampton, sourcing firm pilots became a cardinal focus.

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