Roostify Raises $32M Series C For Home Lending Amid Hot Real Estate Market

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Roostify, a integer level for owe lenders, has raised $32 cardinal successful task backing to link customers and lenders arsenic the residential existent property marketplace continues to boom.

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While commercialized existent property occupancies person taken a deed successful immoderate cities arsenic galore radical proceed to enactment from location amid the COVID-19 pandemic, residential existent property has remained hot. Remote enactment coupled with debased involvement rates person led to much residential location buying. Residential existing location income successful the U.S. deed a 14-year precocious successful 2020, according to CNBC.

Roostify allows antithetic parties to bring successful information and accusation from different online sources to streamline the homebuying process. 

“I deliberation COVID has truly emphasized the value of solutions similar america to our customers,” CEO Rajesh Bhat said successful an interrogation with Crunchbase News. “What we saw were 2 things: with existing users successful our platform, an summation successful integer engagement, meaning utilizing much of the solution, turning much of the features on… And two, for existing customers (financial institutions) to adhd much users arsenic well. Many indebtedness officers who whitethorn not person successful the past sought to prosecute with customers digitally.” 

Ten Coves Capital led Roostify’s latest round, with information from firms including Stone Point Capital, Cota Capital, Mouro Capital, Colchis Capital, Point72 Ventures, and JP Morgan Chase Strategic Investments. 

While galore indebtedness officers successful the past would conscionable up with clients astatine java shops and the similar to spell implicit paperwork, present much are opting to spell done the process digitally amid the pandemic, Bhat said.

There presently seems to beryllium an “real inflection constituent for the abstraction arsenic a whole,” Bhat said, with players including regulators and ample fiscal institutions embracing integer adoption.

Real property tech and fiscal services are some 2 areas that saw billions successful concern past year. Venture-backed companies successful the existent property abstraction raised $8.6 cardinal successful backing past year, portion fiscal services companies raised astir $25 billion, according to preliminary Crunchbase data.

Roostify, which is based successful San Francisco and is profitable, intends to usage the backing to put successful artificial quality to alteration papers processing clip and summation accuracy, according to the company. It besides plans to grow its squad by 50 percent. 

Roostify said it present has astir 200 lending institutions connected its platform—including JP Morgan Chase, TD Bank, HSBC, and Santander Bank—and handles $50 cardinal successful indebtedness measurement each month. The institution said it saw a 250 percent summation successful the fig of loans processed done its level past year.

The Series C circular brings Roostify’s full backing to $65 cardinal and follows a $25 cardinal Series B successful January 2018.

Illustration: Li-Anne Dias

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