Solving The Biggest Problem No One’s Ever Heard Of: Tealbook Looks To Grow 300% After Closing $14.4M Series A 

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Tealbook closed a $14.4M Series A to accelerate maturation arsenic the planetary pandemic has shined a caller airy connected the proviso concatenation and procurement industry.

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The circular was led by RTP Global and besides included concern from BDC Capital, Grand Ventures, Reciprocal Ventures, Refinery Ventures, S&P Global, Stand Up Ventures and Workday Ventures on with indebtedness financing from Silicon Valley Bank. Both S&P Global and Reciprocal Ventures are caller investors into the company.

Tealbook’s level gives its customers — usually ample enterprises successful verticals specified arsenic retail, manufacturing, healthcare and others —  the information needed to marque procurement decisions, portion utilizing instrumentality learning and AI to bring transparency to the proviso concatenation ecosystem, said laminitis and CEO Stephany Lapierre.

“Most Fortune 500 companies don’t recognize their proviso chains,” said Julius Schwerin, spouse astatine RTP Global. “This is the biggest occupation nary one’s ever heard of.”


The pandemic brought caller attraction to the request for bully supplier data, arsenic good arsenic the request for velocity and accuracy successful uncovering the close suppliers, arsenic the proviso concatenation strategy struggled, Lapierre said.

“It decidedly brought a batch of vulnerability to the problem,” Lapierre said.

Tealbook really signed a woody with the UK authorities past twelvemonth to assistance it place much than 60,000 manufacturers of idiosyncratic protective instrumentality (PPE), Lapierre added.

Lapierre said portion companies similar Dun & Bradstreet and Coupa Software instrumentality connected the supplier contented from antithetic exertion angles, Tealbook differentiates itself by the autonomous information it supplies which helps companies marque important procurement decisions.

“All the bundle successful the satellite won’t lick procurement,” Schwerin said. “You can’t lick a information occupation with software.”

Future growth

Tealbook anticipates increasing revenues 300 percent this twelvemonth and astir doubling its worker number from 47 to 84 by the extremity of the year, Lapierre said. The institution present has raised $22 cardinal successful task backing and debt.

Because of Tealbook’s data, Lapierre said she sees the institution doing for buy-side procurement what ZoomInfo has been capable to bash for income and selling with their data.

“We are up of the market,” she said. “We spot this arsenic a immense opportunity.”

Illustration: Li-Anne Dias.

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