Splashtop Pivots To Unicorn Status

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San Jose, California-based Splashtop took the scenic way to becoming a unicorn, but the distant enactment institution deed the cardinal dollar valuation people with its closing of a $50 cardinal backing round.

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The circular — which valued the institution astatine much than $1 cardinal — was led by Sapphire Ventures and includes information by different long-time investors Storm Ventures, NEA and DFJ DragonFund.

The caller circular is the company’s archetypal since 2010, earlier it pivoted to its existent cloud-based distant entree offering that allows workers to link to devices and applications portion retired of the office. The institution saw 160 percent maturation past year, arsenic COVID-19 made distant enactment a necessity for many.

“We person go an indispensable merchandise for concern continuity,” siad co-founder and CEO Mark Lee.

The agelong road

Founded successful 2006, Splashtop started arsenic a fast-boot browser offering for netbook computers. However, Lee said it became wide arsenic laptops evolved and the mobile marketplace grew, Microsoft, Google and yet Apple would dominante the abstraction and a pivot would beryllium needed.

About 8 years ago, the institution shifted gears to distant access, deciding not to rise much wealth astatine the clip due to the fact that they knew it would beryllium a down round, Lee said.

The displacement seems to person paid off, arsenic the institution has been profitable for the past 4 years and has yearly recurring gross of much than $55 million, Lee said. The institution competes not lone with different distant entree providers specified arsenic LogMeIn and TeamViewer, but besides information and VPN providers specified arsenic Cisco, Juniper Networks and Fortinet, Lee added.

Jai Das, president and spouse of Sapphire Ventures, said investing again successful Splashtop was an evident determination considering the company’s growth, arsenic good arsenic the maturation of the marketplace for distant access.

“People request to beryllium capable to login from their mobile instrumentality and work,’ Das said.


The pandemic lone has grown the marketplace for the company’s solution, Lee said. While the institution saw a batch of its income directed toward the tiny businesses conception earlier COVID-19 hit, mid-market enterprises present marque up about  20-to-25 percent of the company’s sales.

Lee said Splashtop volition usage its caller wealth to proceed to determination income upstream, arsenic good arsenic adding to its 200-employee squad and perchance adjacent making acquisitions.

The institution has nary predetermined exit, but an IPO is simply a anticipation arsenic the institution continues to grow, Lee said. The institution has been approached by backstage equity firms looking to bargain for the past 2 to 3 years, and adjacent has been solicited by SPACs, Lee said.

“We similar to backmost companies of consequence,” Das said. “They person the quality to beryllium that.”

Illustration: Li-Anne Dias.

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