Tiny enters deal to go public on TSXV through merger with WeCommerce

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Victoria-based holding institution WeCommerce is acceptable to consolidate with its genitor company, Tiny Capital.

The acquisitive companies person entered into a definitive amalgamation statement that volition marque Tiny a nationalist institution connected the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV).

This week, TSXV-listed WeCommerce announced the amalgamation statement betwixt Tiny and SubCo, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WeCommerce. The woody volition make a “well-capitalized exertion holding company,” according to WeCommerce.

Created by Tiny successful 2019, WeCommerce focuses connected acquiring businesses wrong the Shopify spouse ecosystem. Tiny remains WeCommerce’s largest shareholder. In March 2022, WeCommerce acquired e-commerce survey and insights level supplier KnoCommerce. Other companies nether WeCommerce’s portfolio see Archetype Themes, Out of the Sandbox, and Yopify, among others.

WeCommerce started trading connected the TSXV successful December 2020 with a stock terms of $7 CAD. Since January 2022, erstwhile the company’s banal was priced astatine $12.55 CAD per share, WeCommerce’s stock terms has declined by implicit 80 percent. WeCommerce’s banal is trading astatine $1.96 CAD astatine property time.

The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) halted WeCommerce’s issues connected Monday morning, citing the crushed arsenic “Pending Review of Fundamental Acquisition.” It resumed trading connected Tuesday astatine 3 p.m. EST.

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Prior to the amalgamation, WeCommerce had already made moves to simplify its organization. Earlier this month, WeCommerce announced that it completed a vertical abbreviated signifier amalgamation with its subsidiaries, Fourtysix and Pixel Union Design, to “simplify the firm operation of WeCommerce and to trim administrative costs.”

Since 2007, Tiny claims that it has started, invested in, oregon acquired implicit 80 companies. As noted connected Tiny’s website, it occasionally makes number and task investments, but presently focuses connected acquiring bulk stakes.

In summation to buying into Shopify-focused companies, Tiny and its absorption squad person made respective fiscal contributions to Canadian journalism. Wilkinson is the co-founder of Overstory Media Group, which is the genitor institution of Vancouver Tech Journal. Tiny is besides an capitalist successful The Logic.

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Additionally, Wilkinson is the manager of a abstracted enactment called Tiny Foundation, which provides backing to individuals and groups focusing connected societal justice, kid protection, journalism, and aesculapian research. In 2020, the instauration granted $1 million to Canadaland crossed 3 years. Jesse Brown, Canadaland’s laminitis and publisher, said astatine that clip that, ultimately, Tiny volition ain astir 10 to 16 percent of Canadaland, depending connected institution performance.

As portion of Tiny’s merger with WeCommerce, Tiny volition beryllium combined with SubCo to signifier a caller institution named “Amalco,” which volition beryllium wholly owned by WeCommerce. Tiny volition beryllium made up of 3 halfway operating segments (Beam, Dribble, WeCommerce), arsenic good arsenic respective standalone businesses including Meteor Software and We Work Remotely.

WeCommerce CEO Alex Persson volition resign from WeCommerce arsenic portion of the deal. Tiny co-founders Andrew Wilkinson and Chris Sparling person been appointed to service arsenic co-CEOs of WeCommerce successful Persson’s stead.

WeCommerce’s existent CFO David Charron volition stay successful his role. Tiny’s existent CFO, Ampere Chan, volition service arsenic president of the recently merged company.

Feature representation courtesy WeCommerce.

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