What the Biden-Harris administration means for the future of Silicon Valley

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The biggest tech companies spent overmuch of the past 4 years successful Washington playing defense: Answering to threats of regularisation and repeatedly being called earlier legislature committees; serving arsenic erstwhile President Donald Trump’s foil connected societal media moderation; and protesting his attack to migration and tariffs.

Now, with President Joe Biden successful the White House, Big Tech whitethorn beryllium hoping to crook a page. The industry’s commercialized groups are already lining up proposals to the caller medication successful hopes of shaping a much favorable agenda.

But contempt Biden’s aboriginal moves similar overturning Trump’s question ban targeting majority-Muslim countries and tapping tech manufacture staffers to service successful his government, Silicon Valley’s aboriginal remains arsenic uncertain arsenic ever. Even with Congress nether Democratic power — with a razor-thin borderline — galore of the tech-related challenges for policymakers stay the same.

Among them are what to bash with an enormously almighty societal media manufacture that mostly continues to dispersed misinformation and hate, contempt the platforms’ efforts to ace down connected it; however to guarantee that each Americans person affordable high-speed net entree amid a planetary pandemic; and responding to a suspected Russian intrusion into US machine networks that’s been described arsenic the worst authorities information breach successful years. It’s besides unclear if the government’s attack to Chinese-linked companies, including TikTok, whose concern woody with Oracle and Walmart inactive hasn’t been approved, whitethorn change.

Here are the large tech issues that argumentation experts accidental America’s caller authorities volition apt confront.

Section 230

Policy experts accidental tech companies are inactive successful for a reckoning successful Washington, adjacent with the departure of Trump — the industry’s main antagonist for the past 4 years. Perhaps obscurity is that much evident than with Section 230, the liability shield that mostly protects tech companies from lawsuits implicit their contented moderation decisions.

Democrats and Republicans disagree, however, implicit what the occupation is.

GOP lawmakers person lobbed baseless claims of unconstitutional censorship astatine the hands of tech platforms (the Constitution does not necessitate backstage companies to transportation idiosyncratic speech). At the aforesaid time, Democrats including Biden accidental tech companies haven’t done capable to combat misinformation and indispensable beryllium held accountable. One of Biden’s apical tech advisors, Bruce Reed, said successful December that it’s “long past clip to clasp the societal media companies accountable for what’s published connected their platforms.”

For their part, companies including Google and Facebook person said they’ve hired thousands of quality contented moderators and ramped up artificial intelligence-based contented filters.

With Democrats enjoying a slim borderline successful Congress, argumentation experts expect the speech connected Section 230 to drift distant from Republican-driven authorities targeting perceived censorship. That’s peculiarly the lawsuit present pursuing the Capitol riots earlier this month, which were facilitated by online misinformation astir the 2020 predetermination outcome, said Carl Szabo, wide counsel astatine NetChoice, a tech commercialized group.

“I judge Democrats are going to beryllium much, overmuch much assertive successful pushing for reforms of Section 230 to unit stricter moderation of content,” helium said.


The threats to large tech companies don’t extremity there. Major platforms specified arsenic Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google received a large woody of scrutiny past twelvemonth implicit their dominance, with a House Democratic-led report uncovering that the companies bask “monopoly power.” Facebook and Google are battling aggregate lawsuits by national and authorities officials, and Apple and Amazon person been deed by backstage antitrust lawsuits. All of those suits are expected to continue.

With Democrats successful power of the House and nominally successful the Senate, that provides an opening for the enactment to propulsion for immoderate of the much assertive changes to contention instrumentality contemplated successful the House antitrust report. While Republicans had expressed enactment for immoderate proposals, specified arsenic giving the Federal Trade Commission much resources, they had balked astatine others, specified arsenic a measure that mightiness forestall tech companies from some owning a integer level and competing connected it, arsenic Amazon does with its e-commerce site.

“If Congress does flip, you could extremity up with immoderate benignant of caller [regulatory] strategy for the large integer marketplaces,” Columbia University instrumentality prof Tim Wu predicted successful October.

Net neutrality

One of the Trump Federal Communications Commission’s archetypal actions successful 2017 was to repeal the US government’s nett neutrality regulations, which had prohibited net work providers from blocking, slowing oregon selectively speeding up websites and apps. The determination was wide opposed by tech companies, net activists and user groups, portion telecom providers welcomed the de-regulation.

Now, with power of Congress and the White House, Democrats person an accidental to reconstruct those rules — either by re-introducing them astatine the FCC, oregon by passing authorities to enshrine the regulations into law.

That could enactment an extremity to what had go a ping-pong lucifer successful Washington, with antithetic FCCs enacting antithetic rules each clip the Oval Office changed hands.

“We mightiness find a imperishable solution for nett neutrality,” said Chip Pickering, a erstwhile US congressman from Mississippi who present leads INCOMPAS, a telecom commercialized group. Pickering said a apt way would beryllium for Congress to enforce nett neutrality obligations connected providers including Comcast, Verizon and others without explicitly regulating them similar the FCC does with bequest telephone service, a cardinal responsibility enactment successful past debates.

Broadband access

As the pandemic has driven galore Americans to distant enactment and schooling, it’s highlighted however agrarian and low-income Americans don’t bask the aforesaid entree to high-speed net arsenic those with much resources. Closing that integer disagreement has historically been a rallying outcry for some Republicans and Democrats — making investments successful broadband a perchance easy, bipartisan accomplishment, argumentation experts say.

Expect broadband backing to go a portion of infrastructure talks connected Capitol Hill, pursuing Biden’s campaign promise to widen high-speed connectivity to “every American.” The FCC is apt to grow existing national subsidy programs for connectivity, according to the Brookings Institute. And manufacture leaders person called for streamlining the rollout of 5G wireless service.


The devastating breach of US authorities and firm networks by suspected Russian hackers volition beryllium an tremendous situation for the Biden administration, arsenic investigators proceed to measure the damage.

It volition beryllium up to Biden to find however the US volition respond and determination are galore tools astatine his disposal for doing so, said Keith Alexander, retired wide and erstwhile manager of the National Security Agency. But immoderate effect would request to beryllium cautiously calibrated to debar an escalation, helium said.

“You tin respond by indicting individuals and by diplomatic and economical measures, which they should do,” Alexander told CNN. “But immoderate effect successful cyber successful the carnal abstraction would astir apt make into a bigger onslaught connected us, and we’re not prepared to support against that.”

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declined to accidental what the medication volition do.

“We reserve the close to respond astatine a clip and mode of our choosing to immoderate cyberattack,” she said.


With the Biden administration’s enforcement actions past week, Silicon Valley appears hopeful for a much welcoming US migration argumentation — 1 that supports the industry’s usage of migrant talent.

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Companies including Apple, Airbnb and IBM rapidly applauded Biden’s reversal of Trump’s question prohibition and his efforts to preserve the programme known arsenic DACA, oregon Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. That program, which Trump had sought to limit, protects undocumented immigrants from deportation who had arrived successful the United States arsenic children.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said past week helium was “inspired” by Biden’s moves. In a blog post, Airbnb said it celebrated the enforcement actions to undo restrictions that it said went “against Airbnb’s ngo and values.” And IBM said those who payment from the DACA programme “make captious contributions to our communities and economy.”

“We look guardant to a permanent, bipartisan solution successful the future,” the tech elephantine said.

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