Who’s Hiring? Here Are 5 Hot Tech Jobs At Recently Funded Startups, From CTO To Pushing Pollination

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Layoffs have deed the tech sector hard successful the past year, but plentifulness of companies are inactive hiring. With this caller play feature, we item 5 of the astir absorbing unfastened roles astatine precocious funded tech startups, mostly those based successful the U.S.

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This week, we diagnostic a CTO opening astatine a tech-centric concern startup, a authorities relations person astatine a defence tech startup that conscionable landed $75 cardinal successful caller funding, and 3 different absorbing unfastened roles.

Company: Vannevar Labs
Position: Head of authorities relations
Salary: $120,000-$190,000
Location: Remote
Why it’s cool: The institution virtually conscionable got $75 cardinal successful backing connected Jan. 18. It makes intelligence-ish/national security-ish stuff.

Founded lone successful 2019, Vannevar is simply a remote-first institution with offices successful Palo Alto and Washington, D.C. The institution says it “makes ​​products for the country’s astir captious nationalist information problems.” It’s a self-described maturation startup with concern from Felicis Ventures1, Costanoa Ventures, Point72 and General Catalyst.

Sound intriguing? We thought truthful arsenic well, and a database of its unfastened positions proves arsenic compelling. Vannevar Labs has raised a full of $87 million successful backing implicit 3 rounds. Its latest backing was a Series B announced connected Jan. 18, according to Crunchbase data.

To apply, spell here. Vannevar Labs is besides hiring for respective different positions.

Company: BeeHero
Position: Account executive
Salary: N/A
Location: Del Rey, California, but the institution has planetary operations.
Why it’s cool: Seriously, bees — well, pollination really. BeeHero offers “pollination-as-a-service” exertion to assistance code the planetary nutrient supply. (Read: You tin assistance prevention the satellite done bees.)

BeeHero makes a beehive exertion level it says tin maximize harvest yields successful commercialized agriculture done pollination. The institution has raised a full of $66 million successful backing implicit six rounds, including its astir caller — a Series B connected Dec. 1, 2022, according to Crunchbase data.

The institution is hiring relationship managers to present its merchandise to almond growers passim the Central Valley of California. Account managers volition make caller and support existing business. These positions volition study straight to the vice president of sales.

To apply, go here. BeeHero is besides hiring for different positions.

Company: Republic
Position: Chief exertion officer
Salary: Base scope is $300,000-$350,000
Location: Republic is headquartered successful New York City with offices worldwide, including divisions successful London and Dublin. The presumption is listed arsenic “remote,” however.
Why it’s cool: It sounds amusive to beryllium the CTO of a tech-centric concern institution with specified a unsocial approach.

What’s that approach? Republic “curates” backstage investing opportunities with high-growth imaginable crossed startups, gaming, existent property and crypto. The institution has raised a full of $214 million successful backing implicit 14 rounds. Its latest backing was raised connected April 25, 2022, from a Series B round, according to Crunchbase data.

According to the company, the CTO volition study straight to the CEO and beryllium liable for starring the exertion strategy and operations of the company. This relation volition beryllium liable for each the merchandise improvement and innovation activities wrong the enactment and crossed each concern units. All beauteous chill considering what Republic does.

To apply, spell here. Republic is besides hiring for respective different positions.

Company: Trala
Position: Program manager
Salary: N/A
Location: Trala is based successful Chicago but this presumption is remote.
Why it’s cool: It’s an online euphony school. That’s conscionable cool.

Trala is the self-proclaimed fastest-growing euphony schoolhouse successful the world, and says it posted much than 1,000% maturation successful 2022. Its ngo is to marque world-class euphony acquisition accessible to each azygous idiosyncratic connected Earth. Well that seems similar a large deal. Trala has raised a full of $22.9 million implicit five rounds, including its latest backing connected Dec. 14, 2022. Investors see Airbnb and Seattle Symphony, according to Crunchbase data.

The programme manager relation is marque new, and a “highly autonomous absorption relation that entails moving a part of Trala teaching, i.e. managing 10-20 teachers and 200-400 students.”

To apply, spell here. Trala is besides hiring for respective different positions (including online violin instructors).

Company: Assetz Capital
Position: Funding and reporting specialist
Salary: N/A
Location: Wilmslow, U.K.
Why it’s cool: You don’t person to enactment connected your day (seriously, “birthday leave” is 1 of the company’s listed benefits).

U.K.-based Assetz Capital is simply a marketplace lender that provides its services for SME finance, bridging and spot improvement sectors. But much importantly, it sells itself arsenic being connected a ngo of inspiring and starring improvements to an imbalanced fiscal system. Doing bully sounds bully to us.

Assetz Capital has raised a full of $62.6 million successful backing implicit nine rounds. Its latest backing was raised connected Aug. 31, 2022, from an equity crowdfunding round, according to Crunchbase data.

The backing and reporting specializer is simply a caller relation moving intimately with the tech and alteration teams, supporting caller and existing change/data requests.

To apply, spell here.


Crunchbase News editors selected absorbing roles to diagnostic based connected Crunchbase’s Actively Hiring and backing filters. We looked for companies that are tagged arsenic Actively Hiring — meaning they person aggregate unfastened roles listed — within Crunchbase, and person precocious raised caller funding. We lone included companies that person raised astatine slightest $1 cardinal successful full funding.

We mostly look astatine U.S. roles, but besides diagnostic different locations, and cross-reference companies with our Layoffs Tracker to debar featuring those that precocious laid disconnected employees. Deciding which roles to diagnostic is yet based connected editors’ discretion.

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Illustration: Dom Guzman

  1. Felicis Ventures is an capitalist successful Crunchbase. They person nary accidental successful our editorial process. For more, head here.↩

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